Muse Salon. Denver.

Once upon a time, we started a salon. You should come see it. It's quite nice, and we'll make you look fantastic. Who are we? Owners/stylists Tauna Thomas, and Andi Ayers. We've also added stylist Jenni Brown and the fabulous and loyal Ora Warmouth, who's been with us from the beginning, is now a licensed barber, but still helps us out from time to time. When was "once upon a time"? Just over two years, now... June 2011, we opened our doors, and we've been going strong ever since. Our salon has quickly become a neighborhood favorite, but those in the know travel to see us.

Our quaint little shop is the perfect place to come, relax and then leave, looking your best.  

We proudly use Kevin Murphy products in our salon. We think he's great and the products are second-to-none. Come in and check out the products for yourself. We don't think you'll be disappointed.